Maple Terrace
What happens if mom starts running out of money?

Maple Terrace Assisted Living requires 3 years of private pay. If you are a veteran or spouse of a veteran who served during wartime you may qualify for Veterans Aide & Attendance to help subsidize your stay. If you have monies and spend down after 3 years you can apply for the Assisted Living Medicaid Waiver. If accepted, you would maintain your residency at Maple Terrace but may be downsized to a smaller unit.

In the assisted living am I allowed to come and go?

At Maple Terrace you will receive an apartment key and an outside door key. You may come and go as you please. The front door is locked in the evening, but you may use your outside door key to enter there or any other door around the building. We want you to maintain your friendships, interests, family events and outings. We do ask that you sign out and in at our front desk. In the event of an emergency we want to know who is in the building. 

What services in assisted living are offered besides personal care?

Included in your monthly base fee are bi-weekly housekeeping, weekly flat linen services, all utilities including telephone (cable is extra-$26 a month), noon and evening meal, medication administration, use of laundry facilities, exercise equipment, maintenance of apartment and appliances, WI-FI, emergency-call system, trash and snow removal, three complimentary nurse visits of 15 minutes or less per month, three complimentary resident assistant visits of 15 minutes or less per month, morning well-being checks, health education and wellness programs, social and recreational activities. Local transportation to physician appointments and planned outings are also included. We also offer a hair salon, podiatry and therapy services on site. 

Can my dietary needs be met?

In most cases we can meet an individual’s dietary needs. At the time of our nursing assessment it will be determined what your dietary needs are. Nursing and our dietary manager will work with you to come up with a menu suitable for your diet.

Can I bring my car?

Yes, if you are able to safely drive your vehicle you may have it at Maple Terrace. We do not have garages but there is parking available in the upper and lower parking lots. 

Is there an area where I can host family get-togethers?

Yes. There is an area in the lower level of Maple Terrace which can be reserved for family get togethers. Tables and chairs are available for you to set up and take down. Contact the front desk to reserve.

What kind of activities and programs do you offer?

At Maple Terrace we offer an array of activities, events and programs that will feed the mind, body and soul. You may choose to attend all or some. Weekly we offer church services, exercise classes, walking club and comforter knotting. Monthly we offer an educational program, caregivers support group, music in many forms, games, crafts and much more! New residents bring new ideas so there is always something new being added.

Do the units come furnished?

No. We want you to make your new apartment your home. Bring your furnishings and set it up to your liking.

Locust Court
I don’t think I’m ready to make a move, at what age should a person move?

Our campus is for seniors 62 years and older. Many seniors make the mistake of waiting to long and are unable to enjoy the lifestyle that OrrVilla offers its residents. While we are an age in place community, we want our residents to be independent in our condos knowing that when their care needs become more they are placed on our priority waitlist to make a move to Maple Terrace Assisted Living. We have seen residents benefit from socialization, nutrition and care; living a longer healthy and active life. 

Why is the monthly condo fee so high compared to other condo fees?

At Locust Court we take care of the property taxes, insure the structure, take responsibility for all appliances including water heater, furnace, air conditioner, washer and dryer. If you need a light bulb changed our maintenance team will take care of it. Landscaping, lawn care and snow removal are included and what you would receive in other condo associations. Our goal is to take care of everything so you can enjoy your new freedom. 

If I move to the condos can I move to the assisted living when I need more care?

OrrVilla Retirement Community offers aging in place to our residents. If living in our Locust Court condos and you would benefit from the care and amenities offered at Maple Terrace Assisted Living, then you would become a priority on our waitlist. We make the transfer as seamless as possible.

In the condos am I responsible for the utilities?

Yes. You will be responsible for turning them on, payment and turning them off at time of move.

Is there an area where I can host family get-togethers?

Yes. There is a community room shared by Locust Court and Evergreen Manor I residents. Please see The Evergreen Manager to reserve. 

What kind of activities and programs do you offer?

Many of the musical, educational and exercise programs offered at Maple Terrace are open to Locust Court residents. There is also a monthly meeting and carry-in dinner held in the Independent Community. We offer a wood shop for the men to work in along with activities and outings specifically for Locust Court residents. 

Can I bring my pet?

Small pets are considered with administration approval.