Mission & Core Values

Supportive, caring relationships
Mission Statement

OrrVilla seeks to serve senior adults and their families in a spirit of Christian love and service, values which are shaped by our Mennonite faith. Our goal is to create a vibrant community where each individual’s life can be enhanced, while being valued and supported by our staff, neighbors and family members. 

Serving in a spirit of Christian love and service

Flowering tree
Values Statement

At OrrVilla, we try our best to live out the following values:

  • Service – We are responsive to inquiries and proactive to needs.
  • Trust – We understand that success and satisfaction is built on a base of trust.
  • Highest quality – We believe that everything worth doing is worth doing with excellence.
  • Innovation – We aim to pursue creative solutions. 
  • Respect – We believe that empowering relationships are built on respect for everyone.